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About Travelzoo META

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travelzoo META?

Travelzoo META is a paid members-only service offering groundbreaking Metaverse travel experiences.

What kind of experiences will Travelzoo META provide?

Travelzoo META’s experiences are intended to allow its members to explore hard-to-reach corners of the world, like summiting Mount Everest, or travel back in time—to Ancient Rome, perhaps. They can also discover new spaces beyond imagination.

Will I need special equipment to enjoy these experiences?

Travelzoo META can be accessed via a simple browser. This means members can enjoy experiences with a mobile or desktop device.

Can I participate in the experiences with my friends or family?

Totally. This is one of the cool things about traveling in the Metaverse. You can enjoy the experiences with others or by yourself, whatever you choose.

In which countries is Travelzoo META available?

We plan to make Travelzoo META available in all countries.

What is Travelzoo META Founding Membership?

Founding Members are those who share our vision of a world that ebbs and flows as far as the mind wanders. Founding Members receive perks for being early adopters and have a say in shaping our Metaverse travel experiences.

What are the benefits of becoming a Founding Member?

Each Founding Member of Travelzoo META will be invited to choose one of the world’s first personality-based, emotionally-driven Travel Companions (NFTs) that match their own unique Metaverse travel style. No two Travel Companions are the same. Founding Members will also be the first to test beta experiences and be able to vote and shape future experiences.

Is there a cost to become a Founding Member?

There is an activation fee of USD 20 (or foreign currency equivalent) to become a Founding Member. This does not include future subscription fees.

Why is Travelzoo META Founding Membership limited to one million members?

Only one million unique Travel Companions have been authorized. Founding Members are part of shaping future experiences, and we can only invite one million members to participate.

Will Travelzoo META’s experiences be exclusive?

Yes. Cutting-edge creators will create experiences just for Travelzoo META members.

Who will provide Travelzoo META’s travel experiences?

Travelzoo META has relationships with cutting-edge creators around the globe.

Are the travel experiences going to be like those in the video teaser?

The scenes in the teaser are a glimpse of what potential Travelzoo META experiences will be like. The actual experiences will be more varied—and beyond your imagination!

What do I pack for traveling in the Metaverse?

You can’t go wrong with jeans and chunky sneakers. It’s the accessories that matter. Pack some nice jewelry or a pair of gladiator sandals in case you’re invited to a bacchanalian feast in Ancient Rome. A hat and scarf might come in handy if you find yourself at the chilly top of Mt. Everest. Oh, and pack snacks. Your Travel Companion will thank you.

Who can I be in the Metaverse?

You can be whoever you want to be.

Is Travelzoo META part of Travelzoo’s existing service?

No. Travelzoo META is a completely new and different offering. Travelzoo will continue to provide its members with exclusive offers and experiences in the real world.

Who is in charge of running Travelzoo META?

Travelzoo META’s General Manager Arveena Ahluwalia has always had a keen interest in space and traveling to places beyond the imagination. This interest was further enhanced when NASA/Stanford University funded her Master’s degree to participate in the Gravity Probe B satellite experiment on Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

How do I learn more about Travelzoo META?

Find the latest updates on Travelzoo META and how you can become a member at